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Chicago Credit Card Debt Relief Lawyers

Credit Card Debt Relief Attorneys

Credit card debt can be overwhelming. Once credit card debt reaches a certain point, high interest rates can make it difficult for many individuals and families to get back on track and gain control of their finances. Unfortunately, many people find that their credit card debt has gotten so out of control that filing for bankruptcy may be necessary to obtain a fresh start.

If you find that credit card debt or other debts are unmanageable and you need to learn more about bankruptcy, contact Edwin L Feld & Associates. We offer eight office locations to provide local representation to clients throughout the Greater Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs.

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We encourage you to schedule a free consultation at an office location near you to learn more about bankruptcy. Many people struggle with unmanageable debt for months or years because they fear that bankruptcy will destroy their credit rating or because they fear they will lose all of their property. Many people who have jobs incorrectly think that they will not be eligible for bankruptcy because they have a good source of income.

Once people visit our office, we are able to help them understand their options. For example, people with a regular source of income may be perfect candidates for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 depending on the circumstances. As for concerns about credit, we can review your situation and help you make an informed decision about bankruptcy. If you are unable to repay your debts, simply making late payments every month only serves to further erode your credit and delays the rebuilding process.

Concerns about property are also something we can discuss. With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, property is not liquidated. Even with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most of our clients are able to keep their property through the effective use of bankruptcy exemptions. Given our vast experience in bankruptcy law, we are able to help our clients determine which type of bankruptcy is best to meet their specific and unique needs.

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