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Avoiding Debt Consolidation Scams in Illinois

In recent years, some credit counseling and debt consolidation companies have been taking advantage of people who are desperate to pay down their debts. Many of these companies make false promises to eliminate debt quickly and easily. Unfortunately, debt relief is never that simple, and you should beware of any "quick-fix" advertisements. Speak with an experienced attorney at Edwin L. Feld & Associates to ensure that you are not being victimized by a debt consolidation scam.


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Debt Consolidation Scams in Chicago

Debt consolidation companies like to claim that bankruptcy is a bad choice. These same companies, however, often charge enormous fees for services that you could do yourself, such as writing letters to your creditors. Other companies may focus on one or two accounts, while ignoring the rest of your debts. In the meantime, late fees will continue to accrue, collection agencies will continue to call. Meanwhile your finances and credit report may likely end up in worse shape.


Even when a legitimate debt consolidation company tries to help, it may only delay the inevitable. You may be unable to pay off the newly negotiated amount, and the added up fees, penalties and missed payments could again put you in a worse financial situation.

Filing for bankruptcy, however, will stop all collection actions against you. Once your bankruptcy is completed, your debts will either have been eliminated or paid off, and you will be able to start fresh and move forward in your life. 

Avoid Debt Consolidations Scams, Speak With an Experienced Illinois Lawyer

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