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Life After Bankruptcy

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Life has many unexpected challenges, and some of those challenges are very unfair. No person expects to sustain large medical bills due to an unexpected illness, lose a job due to a sudden downturn in the economy or become financially challenged due to a costly divorce.

Unfortunately, millions of people do find themselves in unexpected situations that cause significant financial challenges. When this happens, people often struggle with the burden of unmanageable debt for an extended period of time because they hope things will turn around, or because they have significant fears about bankruptcy.
For many people, bankruptcy is seen as a dead end. They fear that bankruptcy may damage their credit for life, cause them to lose all of their property or even lose respect in the eyes of their family or friends.

The Truth About Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a financial tool that has been used by millions of people to obtain a fresh start. Bankruptcy is not a dead end. To the contrary, for many people bankruptcy is a new path to a brighter financial future.

No person should ever feel ashamed to seek bankruptcy relief. Many good people have fallen on bad times. Our bankruptcy laws were created to give people who are struggling with debt another chance. You have every right to take advantage of the opportunity that bankruptcy affords.

Fears that people have about property loss or credit may be unfounded. With a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most of our clients keep all or most of their property. With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, property is not subject to liquidation. In fact, Chapter 13 is designed so that people can retain all of their assets.

While bankruptcy may impact a person's credit rating, the truth is that most people who file for bankruptcy already have damaged their credit due to a history of late payments that are beyond their control. Rather than continuing to make late payments month after month, bankruptcy allows people with unmanageable debt the opportunity to start with a clean slate and begin the process of restoring their credit.

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You do not have to struggle to pay your bills month after month. You do not have to suffer anxiety every time the phone rings because you fear it is another bill collector. You do not have to stay up at night worrying about debt challenges. Help is available. Speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney at Edwin L Feld & Associates to learn more.

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