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Contact A Bankruptcy Lawyer For Lifting Driver's License Suspension Or Recovering An Impounded Car In Illinois

Was your driver's license suspended because you either were in a car accident without insurance or you owed a municipality or the State of Illinois for parking tickets or tollway violations? If this has happened to you, you should find comfort that our Chicago law firm can help you to recover your driving privileges. Talk to a bankruptcy attorney for advice about lifting your driver's license suspension in Illinois. Call or email our law firm to schedule a consultation.

Recovering An Impounded Car In Chicago Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Has your car been impounded due to unpaid parking tickets? Edwin L Feld & Associates, LLC, can help you get your car back. Once you file bankruptcy, the automatic stay will go into effect, which will allow you to recover your auto as long as you act quickly. Whether your car was impounded or your driver's license was suspended, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you begin putting the pieces of your life back together in a very short time. Contact us to learn the most expedient path to debt relief that includes recovery of your driver's license and the return of your impounded car.

Financial Troubles May Have Left You With Other Obstacles In Your Life That The Automatic Stay Can Resolve

Has your university held up your transcript because of unpaid tuition bills, dorm payments, parking tickets or library fines? Without your transcript, you may be having difficulty applying for a job and moving ahead financially. Our Illinois bankruptcy law firm has helped many students and graduates solve the problem of held-up college transcripts.

Has your bank account been frozen because of a lawsuit? We can help unfreeze your bank account or accounts to enable you to again have free access to those funds. Once a court order is entered freezing your accounts, you must act quickly.

Has your auto finance company repossessed your auto for failure to make payments on time? We may be able to help you recover your auto if you act quickly.

Are Most Of Your Debts Eligible For Bankruptcy Discharge? Contact Our Chicago Bankruptcy Attorneys For A Case Evaluation

Learn what you need to know about your bankruptcy options when your driver's license has been suspended, your vehicle has been impounded or repossessed, your college transcripts have been withheld or your bank account has been frozen. In Illinois, Edwin L Feld & Associates, LLC, operates eight offices throughout the Greater Chicagoland area for the convenience of our clients from all walks of life. To schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at any of our convenient locations, contact us toll free at 888-645-4357. You may also contact us by email.