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Illinois Plan and Confirmation Hearing Lawyer

If you are like most people who are facing serious debt and considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the thought of sitting in a courtroom with a judge going through the finer details of your financial affairs does not sound like fun.


At Edwin L. Feld & Associates, our Chicago bankruptcy lawyers help our clients through the process to enable them to move forward in their lives. We explain everything that is happening in a way that you will understand while seeing to it that your interests are protected. Our goal is to reach the best outcome possible for each of our clients and there is a strong likelihood that you will never have to see the Chapter 13 judge.


Chicago Chapter 13 Payment Plan Attorneys

The Chapter 13 plan and confirmation hearing are much less complicated than many people think. If you decide to file for Chapter 13, we will help you file a repayment plan early in the process, detailing the regular payments that you will be making to your creditors during the three-year or five-year repayment period.


The confirmation hearing is the time when the bankruptcy judge will look over the repayment plan and hear any objections from your creditors. We are usually able to resolve any problems without you having to appear in court.


Illinois Plan and Confirmation Hearing Attorneys

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