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Small Business and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Illinois

Many business owners who are or were incorporated and whose business either has been dissolved or is about to be dissolved assume that it is necessary for the corporation to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Sometimes this is true; however, it is possible that filing corporate bankruptcy is unnecessary. Small business owners quite often personally guaranty their business obligations, and it may be quite appropriate for the owner to file a personal bankruptcy and not the corporate entity.

At the Chicago bankruptcy law firm of Edwin L. Feld & Associates, our attorneys have helped thousands of people get the answers and support they need. If you are facing serious financial challenges in your small business, your personal finances or both, we have the experience to employ strategies through Chapter 7 to help you restart, rebuild and recover.

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Whether you own or owned a small retail business, bankruptcy can help you deal with the issues that matter to you. Please take the time to find out if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an effective way to resolve your financial issues.

Small Business Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Illinois

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