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Unsecured Debt In Illinois

An unsecured debt is one that is not attached to any physical object that a creditor can foreclose on or repossess. Credit card debt, medical bills, deficiencies, utilities, and signature loans to name just a few, are examples of unsecured debts, which are dischargeable in either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, unsecured debts may be eliminated altogether with the final discharge. This is one of the primary reasons that many debtors seek to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, unsecured debts will be given a lower priority than secured debts in the required debt repayment plan. The amount or percentage that you have to pay these unsecured debts is dependent upon your assets and your family income. You may end up paying just pennies on the dollar toward your unsecured debts in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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